Jul 11, 2012

Glowing Bath Treasure Dive

Rosie and Jewel loved our Outer Space Themed Glowing Bath so much I have been wanting to create another themed glowing bath.

Glowing Bath Treasure Dive!
Glowing bath water bath time fun

Set up for this bath was pretty simple.  I used submersible glow lights for our treasure.  You can get submersible tea lights in the floral section of any craft store as well as most department stores.  I can not find a link to the exact product I purchased at Walmart but the submersible tea lights were sold in a set along with 100 diamond floral gems for only $8.  This made a perfect treasure for our glowing bath!  

Glowing bath water bath time fun

I wanted to create a different glow effect with the water this time, so I used tonic water instead of glow water.  Tonic water naturally glows a cool blue under the blacklight.  I bought the diet variety so that it wouldn't be sticky, and added one two liter of tonic to the water as I filled the bath.  That was enough to make the whole bath glow a cool bright blue!  Then I scattered the treasure all over the bath floor

Glowing bath water bath time fun

I added a few beaded necklaces and heart shaped gems.  Then I set the submersible lights so they would shine upon the treasure,  making it sparkle and shimmer

Glowing bath water bath time fun

While filling the tub, I added lots of bubbles to the bath water so that the treasure would be hidden below

Glowing bath water bath time fun

 I also set out a snorkel and mask for Rosie so that she could escape to an imaginative world of make believe by diving and searching for the lost treasure.  Rosie was so excited as soon as she saw this glowing bath!

Glowing bath water bath time fun

She quickly put on her diving gear and got right to searching

Glowing bath water bath time fun

She was in awe by the glowing water and sparkling treasures

Glowing bath water bath time fun

I myself was a bit awestruck!  The submersible lights made the gems light up and sparkle so beautifully!  It really was quite magical!

Rosie played and collected treasure for quite a while

Glowing bath water bath time fun

Once all the treasure had been collected from the bath, we brought Jewel in for a bit of fun.  The girls then had a blast playing and exploring with the submersible lights and glowing bath water!
One the playtime was over, we drained the tub, and refilled it so that Rosie and Jewel could take a quick bath to get clean before bed!

This glowing bath treasure dive was so much fun! We will definitely be doing this again!

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