Slide Painting with Balls

As I mentioned when I shared our shaving cream sliding fun, Rosie has been obsessed with her little outdoor slide that my mom gave her last Summer.  She plays with it everyday, and must go down it a hundred times. Since Rosie has been having so much fun with it,  I have been trying to come up with different ways to play with the slide.  So today, we tried incorporating it into a fun painting activity.

Slide painting with textured balls!

This was such messy fun! 

The paint covered balls were slippery and gooey, evoking lots of giggles.

Rosie loved sending them rolling

She also loved chasing the balls, so she could hurry and roll them again.

She really did have to chase them too.  They were so slippery, they would pop out of her hand lol.

She went at this for quite some time.  It was so messy, which always equals the most fun.  

The paintings turned out beautifully as well, always a bonus!

Slide Painting with Balls
Simple Summer FUN!
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