Play in the Mud- The Fun

Yesterday I shared how I set up and prepared  for our recent mud themed messy play date.  If you missed that post you can read all about it by clicking here.  Today, I am sharing all of the fabulous fun the little ones had playing in the mud!
Mud Party for Kids

The kids had so much fun at the mud party.  Everyone loved cooking and concocting in the mud pie kitchen

"Look mama! I made a strawberry pizza!"

Mud Painting
All of the little ones loved painting with the colorful mud paint

To make colored mud paint simply add food coloring to your mud along with a little extra water.

Jewel had a lot of fun splashing around in the colored mud.

Rosie eventually decided to engage in some mud body painting.

She especially loved painting her little sister 

The Mud Pit
Most of the little ones didn't get as into the mud pit as I was hoping, but they did explore some.

This little guy really loved it!

And Jewel and Rosie had a blast in the pit all week long!

Rosie has been especially loving  mud sliding

Digging for bugs and snakes was a lot of fun, too!

"Look mommy, a snake!"

Dinosaur Small World
The kids loved the dinosaurs.  However, they didn't stay in the dinosaur small world for very long.  The little ones loved them so much, the dinos ended up traveling to and becoming a part of all the other stations.

Dirt Painting 
The little ones especially loved dirt painting.  To paint with dirt simply dip a paint brush in water, then in dirt, and paint your paper.

Construction Sensory Bin
The construction sensory bin was a big hit.  Just look at them all, huddled around this tiny bin, the one boy even inside.

The "clean-up" station 
 The clean up station was a party favorite!  It turned into more of a mud washing station.  The little ones grabbed items from all the other stations, and would bring them over, and toss them in to get clean. 

We still had the hose for cleaning up (and having fun)

The bathroom was open for use as well, and most of the little ones did end up in the bath.

Rosie especially needed a bath.  She was covered from head to toe in mud!  Mommy made sure of it, too!  It's not everyday you get the opportunity to capture fabulously messy photos like this! 

And this

And this!

This was such a fun day!  
I loved it so much, I can't wait to throw another mud play date next June!  
June is the perfect time to do this because International Mud Day is June 29th!

For our previous messy play dates, we have always finished the play date with a pizza party.  However, this time we decided to save a little money, and make it a pot luck lunch.  Each mama brought something along. 

 My contribution was dirt pudding

This was one of my favorite desserts as a child and tied perfectly to our theme.

There are many variations of this dessert, but I kept the preparation for mine simple.  I bought two large boxes of chocolate instant pudding, whipped that up, and divided it into clear plastic cups. I took one package of Oreo cookies and scraped out the white filling.  I then placed the cookies in a zip-lock bag and used a crab mallet to break the cookies into fine pieces.  I sprinkled the Oreo cookie"dirt" over the mud, and added a couple of gummy worms to each cup.  

It was so yummy!

Now that the party is over you may be wondering what we are going to do with all of this mud? lol 

We have been playing in our mud all week. In a few days when it is time to break the mud stations down my husband is going to use the mud in and around the yard.  Also, it only costs $1 a bag at Home Depot for dirt without rocks or chemicals, and you don't need that many bags to create a fun mud party for kids!  I used 12 bags.

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