Patriotic 4th of July Mud Pies

Rosie went to several birthday parties all in a row a few months ago, and  has been a bit obsessed with birthdays ever since.  So, with our nations birthday quickly approaching, we have begun celebrating, and Rosie has been loving it!

She especially loved making 4th of July mud pies, or birthday pies as she called them!
Mud Pies
Patriotic 4th of July Mud Pies

First, we had to make up a fresh batch of mud.
Playing in the mud


Finding the perfect consistency
Time to make some mud pies!

The feet always must go in!
Playing in the mud

Once Rosie was done preparing her pies, she placed them in the brick oven.  Then it was time to wash up!
Playing in the mud

Once Rosie was all washed up, she pulled her pies from the brick oven, and decorated them with patriotic confetti.  Then it was time to put in the birthday candles and make a wish.
mud pies
We used sparklers for our candles of course.  

Note- Mommy carefully lit the sparklers, and Rosie watched the festive sparks from a safe distance.

~ Happy Birthday America! ~

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