Messy Play in the Bath- Jello Ocean

Last week, The Golden Gleam and I introduced a new series, Messy Play in the Bath & Sink.  Our hope  is that this series will encourage messy play by illustrating how easy it can be to contain the mess and clean it up.  

Each Wednesday,  The Golden Gleam will share a messy play activity in the sink, and I will share a messy playtime in the bath.  Last week, we shared a Creative Art Station in the bath.  

This week, we explored our senses and dived into our imaginations with a Jello Ocean small world scene.

Jello Ocean Small World Scene
Creating the Ocean Small World was easy.  I prepared four boxes of blue raspberry jello in a single container.  Once the jello was set, I covered the floor of the tub with it, adding a bit of warm water so that the play scene would be a desirable temperature.  

I then added small stones and an array of sea life.

Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun exploring the contrasting temperatures of the cool jello and the warm water.
This was a great way to explore the concept of hot/cold

Jello itself is quite a sensory experience, and lots of fun to squish in your hands.
Jello is a fantastic sensory material for babies as well.

Both girls enjoyed the challenge of capturing the slippery sea life.

The slippery texture of the jello produced lots of giggles

As the jello combined with the warm water, it slowly changed textures, creating several different opportunities for sensory exploration.
This playtime also created the opportunity to introduce new vocabulary words.

The girls had great fun, and once the playtime was over, we simply turned on the water, and rinsed all the mess right down the drain.

Messy play in the bath is such a great way to contain all the mess, and clean up couldn't be easier!  

In case you missed them, here are the messy play activities shared last week:
The Golden Gleam had fun exploring Bugs and Dirt in the sink

Check back with us next week for more messy bath inspiration!

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