Messy Play in the Bath- Creative Art Station

I am so excited to announce that Growing A Jeweled Rose is teaming up with The Golden Gleam to bring you our first ever series.  The focus of this series is to encourage messy play by illustrating how easy it can be to contain the mess and clean it up.  How is that possible you ask?  By playing in the bath or sink!

For the next four Wednesday's including this one, The Golden Gleam will share a messy play activity in the sink, and I will share a messy playtime in the bath.

Are you leary of messy play in your home?  Do activities like painting or sensory play make you nervous?  Well, have you ever considered engaging in messy activities in the bathroom?  As we illustrated with our recent GOOP in the bath post, the bath makes a fantastic vessel for messy play.  All the mess is easily contained, and the surfaces in the bathroom can be easily wiped clean.  Engaging in messy play in the bath ensures no mess gets tracked to other parts of the home, and nothing gets stained.  

This Bath Art Station is a perfect illustration of some fabulous messy play that ends clean!

It was raining here the other day, so I set up this Art Station for Jewel and Rosie to help fight their afternoon boredom.  

 Setting up the creative Art Station was easy.  I hung two pieces of poster board on the wall, and set out a variety of washable materials for the girls to create with.
washable markers, glitter, bath crayons, dot markers
washable tempera paint, bath paint, and paint brushes
I only hung the poster board so that we could display some of Rosie and Jewel's art after the playtime was over.  What I loved so much about this Bath Art Station was that the girls creative process was not limited to the pieces of paper, or a small work space like an easel.  They had free rein to let their creative juices flow.  

And flow it did!

  While Rosie was really into creating pictures....

 for Jewel, it was all about the process of manipulating and exploring new materials.

Not only was this a great way to contain any mess, but the girls were able to create and explore freely, covering any and all surrounding surfaces.
And I think they got them all!

Just look at all that glorious mess!
 Both girls had a blast, and all the mess washed right down the drain!

Once the girls were finished creating and exploring, we simply turned on the shower, and rinsed everything right down.  Then the girls had some more fun playing and getting clean in a bubble bath. 

Note- Be sure to use washable art supplies, and everything will wash right away.  However, if you are concerned, test a small spot of your own wall just to be certain. 

So, what clean messy fun in the sink do you think The Golden Gleam is sharing today?  Be sure to pop on over to find out! 

Check back next Wednesday for some more clean ways to get messy! 

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