Messy Bath Fun with Patriotic GOOP & The Kids Co-Op!

GOOP is one of Rosie's favorite sensory materials!  We play with it at least once a week, and are always looking for ways to bring new life to this favorite playtime.  If you are unfamiliar with GOOP, you can read all about it and discover how to make it here.

Today we decided to try GOOP in the tub to make for a whole new experience.

4th f July activities
Goop in the bath- clean messy fun!

Given that the 4th of July is right around the corner, I decided to give this goopy playtime a patriotic theme.

4th of July activities
4th of July GOOP

This is what the GOOP covered tub looked like when I presented it to the girls.


The tub makes a perfect vessel for messy play like this.   

The girls were able to get as messy as they wanted, and yet, all the mess was still contained.  And the best part, once the playtime was over everything washed right down the drain! 

Jewel exploring the texture of the GOOP
Sensory play

Jewel loved it, and I was quite surprised that she did not try to put any of it in her mouth.  While GOOP is edible and safe, it is still something I would not want her to eat a lot of, so I was glad that she had no interest in doing such.

Catching the GOOP as it fell from mommy's hand.

Putting the GOOP in the tub also created new opportunities for exploration.  Rosie and Jewel were able to experience it with their full bodies.

Rosie was also able to further explore it's properties by walking and running on the surface of the GOOP.

GOOP is similar to quicksand.  If you try to walk across it, your feet sink in, and get stuck.  However, if you move quickly across it's surface, you are able to get to the other side without a problem.  Talk about a fun learning observation for a toddler! 

Since GOOP is safe to ingest,  it is a fantastic sensory material for young babies!  
Both girls had a ton of fun!

They were able to get as messy as they wanted, and clean-up was SO easy!

Once Rosie and Jewel were finished playing we simply turned on the shower, and all of the GOOP washed right down the drain.  Both the girls and the tub were clean in no time!

**Note- We have never had a problem with food coloring staining the bath or skin when used in this way.  However, if you are concerned, Colorations Liquid Watercolors make a great alternative ** I recommend letting the water run for a bit to ensure all of the GOOP is washed out of your drains. **

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