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Did you have a Light Bright when you were younger? I just loved mine when I was a little girl and wanted to recreate the concept on a larger scale for Jewel and Rosie.  I had been trying to think of a way to create a giant Light Bright that was safe and didn't have small pieces or require electricity like a traditional Light Bright.  These modifications would make it safe for both girls to play with freely.   I was so excited when my thoughts came together, and I was finally able to bring this idea to fruition!

DIY Giant Light Bright

DIY giant light bright
Giant Do it Yourself  Giant Light Bright

Once I had a plan for how to make our light bright, the construction couldn't have been easier.  I purchased a large piece of peg board from Home Depot for $6

The peg board was only $8.00

 I spray painted the peg board using  Chalk board spray paint.  If you are unfamiliar with this spray paint, it it amazing! You can use it to turn almost anything into a chalk board surface.  Use it on a play room table top, blocks, or on a slab of wood to make your own homemade chalk board. You could also use regular black spray paint but I have some ither ideas for ways to use the peg board as a writing surface. 

For our Light Bright pegs, I cut neon pipe cleaners into the desired size pieces.  These work great under the blacklight, and can be used endlessly without the need of electricity.  

Light Bright

 We also used glow stick bracelets  for the peg pieces when playing in the dark.  

light bright

I purchased a pack of 30 glow stick bracelets for $1.99 at Michaels craft store.  When placed in the freezer in-between playtimes, the bracelets can be used for several days.  I plan to pick up a few more packs of the glow stick bracelets, and keep them on hand for when the girls want to explore with their Light Bright in the dark.  However, we plan to mostly explore with it under blacklight.

Here are some of the ways that we have been exploring and having fun with our Light Bright!

We have practiced letter recognition

light bright

Practiced shapes

Light Bright

Written words

We have also practiced patterning, and just had fun creating designs!

Giant light bright

Rosie absolutely loves her giant Light Bright, and I am sure Jewel will too once she is just a tad bit bigger.  

GIANT Light Bright- Simple FUN!

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