Bath Time Water Wall

I have been seeing so many fabulous water walls all over the net, and have been wanting to make one for Rosie and Jewel.  While I still plan to make one outside for them, I thought it would be a lot of fun to make a Bath Time Water Wall for them to enjoy in the bath.  

Bath Time Water Wall
Bath Time Water Wall

Making our Bath Time Water Wall was easy.  All you need is empty plastic bottles, an an exacto knife , and  duct tape or Command tape strips.  

Use the exacto knife to cut fairly large holes into the side of each container.  Then, arrange them so that the lip of one container joins the cut hole of the next, allowing for water to flow from one to the other.  Secure the containers on the wall using the tape of your choice.  I didn't have any duct tape so I used command tape strips.  Be sure to use enough tape strip to hold each container to the wall when liquid is being poured into it.  A bonus to using the strips- the tape strips are Velcro, so you can actually rearrange the containers all different ways, and are not locked into one water wall design.    

Then all you need is a tub full of water and a couple of kiddos!

Rosie loves her Bath Time Water Wall!
Bath time water wall

 Jewel loved watching the water flow through all of the containers.
water play

Rosie really enjoyed moving all of the containers around, creating several different designs.  Here, she was having fun with just a single container.

The clear tubing and funnel were her favorite.
Water play

While you don't need tubing like this to create a Bath Time Water Wall, if you want to add it to your own creation, I purchased the tubing at Home Depot a while back, and we use it often in a variety of playtimes. 

So there you have it!  A fun frugal toy for bath time!
Water Wall

The bottles can easily be stored under the sink or anywhere convenient for you when the water wall is not in use.  When you are ready to play again, the bottles will Velcro right back to the tape bits on the wall.  

I tested the Command tape strips a couple days after we created our water wall by removing one.  I wanted to ensure they did not damage the tile in any way.  They peeled right off, and didn't even leave a residue.  If you are concerned, I recommend testing a small patch of your own wall to ensure you have the same result.

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