4th of July Bath Fun

We have been having so much fun celebrating the Fourth of July!  We made patriotic mud pies, played with patriotic GOOP in the bath, and had a blast with firework splat painting.  Then last night, I created a fun 4th of July themed bath.
4th of July Bath Fun
For this bath, I painted an American flag on Rosie's bath bubbles, similar to how I painted a rainbow on her bubbles for St. Patrick's Day.  First, I filled the tub with heaps of bubbles.  Then,  I used blue and red Colorations Liquid Watercolors in spray bottles, and sprayed the bubbles to resemble an American flag.

The rest of the decorations I used for the bath came from The Dollar Tree- Garland, flags, and some red and blue gift straw (which I borrowed from Rosie and Jewel's 4th of July sensory bin)  I also set out a few clear cups with water and food coloring so that Rosie could make her own fireworks.  I first saw this idea over on  Action Pack, and I knew Rosie would love it!

For more on how to make fireworks in this way, click here

Rosie had so much fun with this bath!  She especially loved making her own fireworks!
Making fireworks!
I emptied and refilled the cups several times so that she could make more.

I also gave Rosie some star shaped ice I had made using ice cube trays I found at The Dollar Tree.
She had lots of fun chasing them around the bath!

She also had lots of fun spray painting her bath bubbles.
Painting her bath bubbles

Rosie didn't just paint the bath bubbles though.  She covered the walls as well!
What a fabulously colorful mess!

I thought the tub looked beautiful, Rosie had blast, and everything washed right down the drain after!

Note- The Colorations liquid water colors are 100% washable, and do not stain the bath or skin.  However, if you are concerned, please test a small portion of your own wall to be sure!
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