Rain Forest Sensory Bath

The response to my themed sensory baths has been overwhelming.  I am so touched by your many comments and emails regarding our fun bath times.  It really is our favorite way to explore, and I just love sharing them with all of you.  Today I have another fun themed bath to share.

Soothing Eucalyptus Rain Forest Bath

Inspiration for this bath idea came from Rosie's favorite TV show, Dora the Explorer.  I wanted to bring Dora's world to life for Rosie, and tap into her imagination by taking her into Dora's world. 

To create this bath, I first painted a jungle scene on the bathroom wall using washable tempera paint.  I did this earlier in the day during nap so that it would be dry for bath time .  This only took me a few moments, and washed right off after bath,  If you are nervous, perhaps test a small drop of paint on your own wall before drawing an elaborate scene. 

I colored the water green using food coloring and scented it with eucalyptus essential oil   This scent was perfect for the jungle theme.  Not only that but Rosie had a bit of a cold and the eucalyptus really helped open up her airways.  I then added artificial tropical flowers and pieces of palm.  I also added a strainer so that Rosie could make it rain

Bath time fun
The food coloring does not stain the bath or skin when used in this way

Then I collected some of her favorite Dora the Explorer toys.  I hung a map on the wall to act as an extension to the map on the show.  I also really thought the map would further tap into her imagination.  It definitely did! 
Looking for tall mountain
Rosie had a blast creating her own little story as she played in the "rain forest"

Once the bath play was over, this play scene only led to another fun play activity.  The cleaning up!

Toddlers just love soapy sponge play, as illustrated in our giant sponge sensory play.  Rosie had so much fun helping mommy wash our forest scene from the wall.  As I said before, the tempera paint washed off very easily - however you may want to test a spot of your own wall to be sure you have the same result.

Rosie is at such a magical age.  I want to make the most of this imaginative time in her childhood as it goes so quickly.   What a fun and special way to bring her favorite show to life. 

bath time fun

Adding eucalyptus essential oil to the bath is a great way to open up the airways when sick.  We even add it to our shower when sick to clear us up in the morning.  The eucalyptus essential oil we use isn't very expensive and you only need a few drops, making it a great value!

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