Princess Sensory Pool Play

I wanted to surprise Rosie and Jewel with a fun activity when they woke up from their nap yesterday, so I set up a fun sensory pool.  This one had a Princess theme.

Toddler Princess Pool Party

This pool was a lot like our Princess bath, except we took it outside.  

I colored the water red using food coloring.  Since the pool is blue, I thought it would give the illusion that the water was purple.   It definitely did!

Then I added imitation flowers, fancy garland, gems, and rose scented bath oil.  

Rosie and Jewel were greeted by a few of their favorite Princess friends

Crowns and wands were waiting for them as well

The girls were so excited to play in the simple princess world I had created

They spent the afternoon getting lost in the magical world of make believe  while staying cool, too!

 Jewel is still a wee little for imaginative play, but she had lots of fun exploring and splashing in the seemingly purple water.  

Next time you fill up your play pool, why not add a fun theme and create an outdoor sensory pool? Sensory pools are filled with sensory exploration, and the possibilities for what you could create are endless!

I just love the looks on their faces here!  Rosie's is filled with happiness, and Jewel's is filled with awe. 

A simple way to beat the heat and have fun this Summer!

We have also created an Ocean Sensory Pool using pasta .  Creating sensory pools is a great way to explore and discover in the warmer months.   Any of our themed sensory baths could easily be recreated in the wading pool.  

Visit our Bath Collection for Sensory Pool Inspiration

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