Pretend Play - Sensory Tea Party

I wanted to surprise Rosie with a fun activity when she woke up from her nap yesterday, so I set up a pretend play tea party while she was sleeping.

Sensory Tea Party

I gathered all of her favorite stuffed animals and dolls, and dressed them in their best attire.
Pretend Play- Sensory Tea Party

I raided Rosie's pretend play kitchen for cups, bowls, biscuits and scones.  

I really wanted to bring the playtime to life, so I set out real tea for Rosie to play with and explore.
Tea party using real tea

I had some old tea bags that needed a purpose, so I used those.  I opened them up, and poured the varying loose tea flavors into bowls.  I placed very warm (but not hot) water in the tea pot with some loose tea my husband recently purchased for me.  Even in the pot, it smelled divine!  

When Rosie woke up, I told her we were going to a fancy tea party, and to pick out something to wear.  I was expecting her to pick one of her tutu's, but she picked a pretty dress. 

Her face lit with excitement when she saw all of her guests waiting for her

She was even more excited when I told her she would be serving up some tea. 

Rosie helped me pour the tea into cups for her guests

Then she carried on with some pretend play

Joining her guests for a spot of tea

Can you tell Rosie is still learning to drink from a cup? ;)

Rosie entertained her guests for a bit. Then we explored the varying teas I had set out.

Exploring our senses with loose tea

This was quite a sensory experience!  We explored our sense of smell.

  This also created a great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary words.

The loose teas produced fantastically vibrant colors too, presenting the opportunity to sneak in a little color recognition.

Rosie played and explored for a while, and then this fun playtime led to another.  After she was done, she had great fun washing all of her cups and bowls in a bin of warm soapy water. 

I had a lot of fun surprising Rosie with this fun playtime after her nap.  I just love seeing her face light with joy and excitement.  Cheers to another fun playtime! 

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