Paint the Sky Activity

Rosie has been enamored with the sky recently.  She is always pointing upward in regard to a bird, a helicopter, or a unique cloud formation drifting by.  We have been talking a lot about day, night, the sun and moon.  What better way to further extend our exploration of the sky then to paint it? How does one paint the sky you ask? With a mirror of course!

Paint the Sky
For this activity I took a mirror and laid it outside facing upward.  When looking into the mirror you could see the sky.  I set out paint colors that are connected to the sky.  I set out yellow and orange for the sun, white for the clouds, and blue for the sky.  The yellow and orange are also colors Rosie has recently observed in the sky during sunset.

First Rosie and I just looked into the mirror together talking about what we saw

Ideally you want to set the mirror in the middle of open sky... in a place where other objects won't reflect into it.  We did this on our back deck and did catch some building and wire in the mirror if we looked at certain angles.  It really didn't matter too much though.  It was easy enough to look straight into the mirror so all we saw was sky.

After a bit of discussion it was time to paint!  Rosie was so excited to be painting the sky!  She started with the orange paint and told me she was painting the sun. 

Then it was time to add clouds and sky

She painted for quite a while and then marveled at her perfectly painted sky

This was a a super fun art activity and a great way to further explore the sky.  This is an activity we will return to often.   I look forward to doing this again when Rosie is a little older and her artistic skills have further developed.  
Paint the Sky

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