Color Themed Baths

Are you ready for yet another fun way to play at bath?   
Why not turn bath time into learning time by creating a color themed sensory bath?

Color Themed Sensory Baths 
for learning color recognition

   We have been having lots of fun teaching Rosie her colors by creating fun color themed baths for her.  Here, we created a red themed bath!   Right before bath time,  Rosie and I went hunting through her toys, and collected red toys she would like to play with at bath.  While Rosie knows her colors, this was still a great color recognition exercise.

I colored the bath water using red food coloring.  Staying with the red theme, I scented the water with strawberry scented bubble bath.  I cut up varying shapes of red foam for Rosie to create with. (All foam magically sticks to the walls when wet) I also whipped up some red bath paint and got out our red Colorations liquid watercolors for Rosie to paint her bubbles with.  

 Then, as soon as she got in, she went right to painting!

As she painted, mommy talked to her about the color of the paint.

After Rosie made the walls red,  it was time to make the bubbles red.  

Once Rosie tired of painting, I redirected her to the foam shape pieces I had cut out.  As soon as I mentioned them, a whole new fun play activity began.

She stuck them to the walls several times before exploring all the red toys.

She had a lot of fun playing with  the red toys we had collected.  Since those aren't toys that are normally in the bath, this activity gave old toys new life.  Rosie especially loved building bath towers out of all the red blocks!

We talked about the color red a lot during this bath
 It was a simple and fun way to focus on one color.

 During the bath, we also talked about the scented water.  I love how we were able to connect the red colored bath to an abstract concept.  Since there weren't any actual strawberries in the bath, it was quite an abstract thought for Rosie to tie them to the bath.

Rosie really enjoyed her red themed sensory bath!  

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