More Group Sensory Play- The Fun

Yesterday, I shared all of the sensory stations I had set up for our group sensory play date.  If you missed that post, you can read all about it here.  Today is post with all the FUN!

My favorite part of this play date was the messy painting! The little ones loved it!

I set out balls with varying textures, and a WHOLE LOT of paint.  Then, we just let the little ones go wild!

While they loved throwing the paint covered balls, most of them couldn't resist also using their hands.

The balls made such cool looking impressions on the paper too!

And each child got to take a piece of the art home.  I wrote their names on the back of the poster board prior to hanging them on the wall.  

Here is what the painting station looked like once the littles were done.  Can you tell they had fun?

The Children loved the volcanic painting station!

They loved watching the bubbling eruptions!

And the colored vinegar was so fantastically vibrant!

They had a lot of fun on the farm

Digging for bugs was fun too! 

This little guy loved it!

Shaving cream is such a simple activity that most kids love! The frog pond was no exception.

This little guy loved it so much he was not happy about getting out at the end of the play date!

This was such a fun day for the kids and I had lots of fun setting it up!  

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