Bubble Play and Concoctions

The other day, Rosie discovered the pure bubbly bliss that can come of a straw, and a glass of milk.  She loved this simple yet cherished childhood  activity so much, I thought I would create and dedicate a playtime all to this bubble blowing fashion. 

Bubbling Concoctions

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This activity was so simple and still so much FUN!

play with bubbles

Here is what you will need to set up this simple play time.

bubbles, straws, food coloring, a spoon, and a few containers (add kool-aid for a fun scent!)

I set Rosie up with a few pie pans, bubbles, food coloring, and straws, all purchased from The Dollar Tree!  Mixing the food coloring into the bubbles was a great lesson in color recognition

Once mixed, Rosie delighted in forming mountains of bubbles.

She did accidentally suck in once, but that was all it took for her to learn that lesson 

Rosie also had a lot of fun simply mixing the colored bubbles together.  She mixed the yellow and blue, and discovered green.

This ended up being a great color mixing exercise

Examining the bubbles up close
Rosie loved mixing, and pouring the bubbles.  She did this over and over.

When the bubbles would start to dissipate, Rosie delighted in blowing more.   We added a bit of kool-aid to give our bubbles a fun scent, and t add even more color.
(So that Rosie would have lots and lots of bubbles, mommy blew some too!)

Rosie mixed and stirred her colored bubbles for quite some time, creating several bubbling concoctions

This playtime activity was so fun, and took nothing more than things we already had on hand!  Activities like this always remind me that it really does only take simple things to entertain little ones.  In this case, bubbles and a straw :)

You can also make bubble prints by covering the bubbles with a piece of paper while exploring bubbles in this way.  We have done bubble painting in similar fashions, and it is always fun!

Bubbling Concoctions

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