Giant Sponge Sensory Play

The other day we made a giant sponge for some SUPER sudsy sensory play! 

Giant Sponge Sensory Play!

sensory play

Super Sudsy FUN!

It was a beautiful day here yesterday so the weather was perfect for this activity!  Set up was also very easy.  We used a changing pad to make the sponge.  We rarely used it for it's intended purpose, and it mostly just collected clutter.  We always changed Rosie and Jewel anywhere, and just laid a blanket under their bottom.  So began the project to re-purpose the entire changing table including the pad.  We had this one, but any similar pad would work.  The outer cover was waterproof so I was not concerned about the giant sponge on the inside being dirty.  (Besides that, we literally never used it ) 

I used scissors to remove the cover from the changing pad.  I trimmed the pad a little so that it would fit into the sensory bin I had on hand.  I added about two inches of warm water to the sensory bin and several squirts of antibacterial dish soap ( any soap will do).  Then Rosie and I headed out to the back deck armed with some liquid food coloring to give this project some color.  Rosie helped me squirt in the food colors, and then went wild!  She had SO MUCH fun! 

sensory play

Rosie loved squeezing all of the water out , and then watching it "magically" absorb back into the sponge.

sensory play

This would make a great lesson in Science for an older child 

The more she played with the sponge, the more colorful sudsy bubbles would form. 

 Rosie was delighted by the colorful clouds of soap

She loved using the bubbles as a paint, and was essentially giving herself a bubble bath by covering herself from head to toe

Then Rosie wanted to get into the tub of soapy water, really turning this activity into a bubble bath!

Rosie loved this activity so much!  

We now have a giant sponge to use again and again.  I can't wait for Jewel to get to join in the fun next time!  This is a perfect outdoor activity for a warm day!

We also repurposed the changing table?  Check back to see what we did with it!

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