Bubble Bath Spray Painting

Bubble Bath Painting Fun

Bubble bath spray painting is such a fun bath time activity.   All you need for this activity is bubble bath, a few spray bottles, and liquid water colors.    I purchased both the watercolors and the spray  bottles used above from Discount School Supply.  I highly recommend the spray bottles because they are easy pull triggers and are the right size for tiny hands.  However, if you don't have Colorations liquid watercolors, you can easily make your own following this simple recipe.  The colors just won't be quite as vibrant.

All I had to do for this activity was fill the bath with heaps of bubbles and grab our spray bottles of liquid water colors.  Then the fun could start!

Bath time fun for kids

 Manipulating the spray bottles is great for fine motor development

bubble bath time painting fun

Rosie love this activity and always paints for a long time.  Here, she would paint the bubbles blue and then change them by using another color.  Bubbles sure do make a great canvas!

bath art  bubble bath time

I just love how vibrant Colorations Watercolors are!  The bubbles look so magical!

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Note- This activity did not stain the bath or skin.  However, if you are concerned I recommend testing a small portion of your own bath just to be certain. Also note, any time we have had residual coloring from a bath a spray bottle of bleach has always taken it right out.

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