Balloons to Say I Love You

Rosie loves balloons, and I have been beyond excited to fill her room with balloons for her birthday this year!  I have been patiently waiting for her big day to arrive for the last several months, and alas, it was finally here!  My husband and I rented a helium tank from a local costume rental shop.  You can also buy a helium tank kit from a variety of stores like Party City, Target, or Walmart.  However, if you do it this way, you may want/need more than one kit. We used 100 balloons to cover Rosie's ceiling, and could have easily used more.  We used another 30 or so to cover the floor surrounding her bed.

We were up very late blowing up the balloons, tying ribbon to them, and quietly sneaking them into Rosie's room.  As sleep deprived as we were the next morning, it was completely worth it! 

Luckily, Rosie is a sound sleeper.  I was even able to sneak in a few pictures in the morning before she started to wake.

fill room with balloons for birthday

This is what the ceiling looked like directly above her

birthday surprise

When Rosie first woke up, it took her a minute to process what was going on.  She was probably confused as to why mommy and daddy were hovered over her bed waiting for her to wake lol

She sat up, and took everything in for a minute.  Then she jumped up, and was trying to reach the balloons.  Naturally, Daddy stepped in to assist!

Rosie was so excited once she was awake enough to realize what was happening.  It was her birthday! We were celebrating her!  She was enthralled!

She loved gathering the balloons in bunches, and then letting them go!  She was amazed by the way they floated back up to the ceiling. 

Together, we would gather a bunch of balloons.  Then Rosie would say "Bye-bye balloons" and let them go.  She would giggle with delight and then immediately want to gather another bunch.

"Bye-bye balloons!"


Once Jewel was awake, we brought her in to join the celebration!

Rosie was eager to share the fun with little sis!

And both girls had a blast!

Once the girls tired of the balloon play, we gave Rosie one of her presents.  I thought this was a nice finishing touch to the balloon experience.

This was such a fun way to begin Rosie's birthday!  She was so surprised! Filling her room with balloons made her feel so special and loved! 

 We filled Rosie's room with balloons in hopes of showing her how much she fills our hearts.  Happy 2nd birthday beautiful baby girl!  Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever say <3

room of balloons

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