Themed Sensory Baths

There are so many ways to make bath time fun!  You can have your little ones chase colored ice cubes,  create masterpieces with foam cut-outs, or color the walls with homemade bath paint.   Fishing for letters is also great fun.  These are just to name a few.  One evening, Rosie was enjoying a colored water balloon bath . As she burst the balloons full of colored water, and was sitting in a pool of blue,  an idea was inspired.  Themed sensory baths!

We have already done several themed sensory baths since I thought up that first play time and I am so excited to share our first one here today!

Princess Bath
princess sensory bath

I colored the water pink using food coloring, and scented it with lavender.  I then added lots of pretty flowers.

Themed sensory baths
Every princess needs a tiara and wand

All of Rosie's princess friends were waiting for her to arrive

And of course she would need fairy princess dust.  I filled a container with bath salt for her to sprinkle in the bath.  I told her sprinkling the princess dust would transform her into a real princess.

Princess bath

Now that Rosie was a real life princess, I told her she had magical abilities similar to the princess from Tangled, and gave her a special potion

Princess bath

This magical potion had the ability to transform her bath to another beautiful color suited for a princess!  It consisted of blue food coloring and water in a slow pour container. 

Princess themed sensory bath

She loved this!  When the potion was gone, she asked for more!

As Rosie poured in the potion, she kept saying, "Blue!"  

This was a great exercise for reinforcing her color recognition

Princess themed bath

This was a great  color mixing exercise too.  Rosie's water started out pink.  The potion was blue.  Together, they made a beautiful purple.

How magical!!Themed sensory bath

When bath time was over, everything washed right down the drain.  No color or ring left around the tub, and Rosie was cleaner than normal since she stayed in the bath so long!

Rosie absolutely loved her Princess sensory bath.  It reached so many senses, and certainly reached her imagination too.  She has been carrying around her princess friends, and is often chatting to them excitedly.  Part of me thinks she now believes wholeheartedly that she is in fact a princess.  If nothing else, I am certain she now believes in magic!

You could make a day of it, and get lost in the magical world of make believe with your little ones.  Pretend you are The Royal Family, and dress up together .  Build a castle fort.  Turn your wagon or a cardboard box into a carriage, and go on an enchanted journey.  Then finish the day with this special bath.   Have fun, and embrace this magical time!

We have also done a Christmas themed sensory bath.  This past Christmas Eve, we scented Rosie's bath water with peppermint, colored it green, and added lots of Christmas stuff.  I gave Rosie an elf hat to wear, and talked to her all about Christmas, and how when she woke, Santa will have come.  I really think the bath helped Rosie, under two at the time, understand what was about to transpire.  When we went to get her from her room on Christmas morning, she jumped up, and proclaimed, "Santa!"

Christmas bath

You could do a themed sensory bath for any holiday or geared towards any theme.  Rosie loves them so much, and I am sure Jewel will too!  I already have so many ideas for other sensory baths.  Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I can't wait to make a bath full of hearts, color, and wonder for my little girls.

Update- since we shared the very first sensory bath the idea has caught on like wild fire, inspiring many moms to create amazing bath times all their own.  We have since shared a ton here on Growing A Jeweled Rose and even have a whole bath play collection.  The baths were so popular in fact and we had so many bath ideas to share that I created a whole separate site!

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