A Sensory Bin With Heart

I put together a simple Valentines sensory bin for Rosie and Jewel the other day.  I included red beans, plastic heart boxes, left over tulle from a recent tutu making project, heart shaped cookie cutters, foam heart shapes, red and pink pom poms, and pretty much anything else red or pink that I may have had on hand.  I also scented the bin with a little rose essential oil.

Valentine's Day activities sensory bin

The girls have had lots of fun playing.  Rosie quickly discovered that she could make shakers by putting a few beans in the heart boxes.

Valentine's Day activities for kids

Rosie and Jewel had a few friends over, and all the kiddies had lots of fun exploring, especially the babes

Sensory bins  are a great way for kids to discover and explore.  You can make a sensory bin geared towards pretty much any theme.  They can be easily rotated or frequently changed so that things stay exciting and new to little ones.  For more sensory bin ideas visit our kids sensory board on Pinterest.

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Valentines sensory bin for kids
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