Baby Teething Tips and Remedies

While teething never really bothered Rosie, Jewel has been having such a difficult time with it.  She struggled when her first teeth were coming in, and now she is getting her molars and it has been even worse.  Poor Jewel was in so much pain, and given that this was a parenting first for me, I had no idea how to help her.   So I turned to you, my readers, for tips and advice.   I put a call out for your best baby teething tips and remedies on the Growing A Jeweled Rose facebook page and the responses were so helpful!  So helpful that I wanted to compile them into a post here for others who are also in need of great baby teething tips!

Teething tips relief and remedies for baby

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Baby Teething Tips & Remedies:

~ Amber teething jewelry
    several people suggested amber teething necklaces .  These necklaces offer a natural, drug- free 
    alternative to soothing teething tots.  Besides that, they are beautiful, lightweight, and have a lot 
    of other homeopathic benefits.  You can read all about amber teething necklaces as well as 
    shop a great selection here We just ordered one for Jewel, and I can not wait for it to get

~  Hyland's Teething Tablets-  
      Hyland's Teething Tablets are another great homeopathic teething remedy Several readers 
     suggested these tablets.  They are made from natural medicines and quickly dissolve once 
     they hit babies tongue.  Hyland's also makes a teething gel  .

~  Camilia Teething Medicine-  
     yet another homeopathic remedy.   Camilia teething medicine is an all natural teething 
      remedy that comes in liquid form.  While we have yet to try this remedy, I love that it comes in   
     sterile single use doses.  Camilia teething medicine can be purchased at Whole Food Markets as well as
     many  local  pharmacies.  Visit their site to find a retailer near you.

~  A cold wash cloth-  
     several readers mentioned a chilled wet wash cloth.  We have since tried it, and it really does help!  Jewel 
     loved gnawing on it, and the cool cloth seemed to help alleviate some of the pain.  The cloth was also 
     great at catching all of that teething drool- bonus!

~  A cold raw carrot to bite on-  
     this tip from a reader was so helpful!  Jewel enjoyed the flavor of the raw carrot.  The coolness helped 
     with the pain, and her teeth are not near strong enough to bite into the carrot,  making this a safe and
      very frugal teething tip!

~  Frozen foods
     many readers recommended frozen foods.  Some examples of foods mentioned were whole frozen green 
    beans, frozen fruit slices, and ice cubes made of juice and then placed in a mesh feeder.  We have tried 
    the juice ice cubes, and Jewel loved them!

The Teethifier 2 Advanced Back Teether-
     while I have not tried this product, it does look like it would be quite helpful, especially for babies who 
     take a pacifier (Jewel doesn't).  You can real more about it here.

baby teething tips

~  Baby Orajel- 
     Baby Orajel is the #1 recommended teething brand used by pediatricians.  It is an instant relief gel,
     and comes in a pleasant cherry flavor.  We have used this product several times, and it does
     provide some relief.  

~  Tommee Tippee Baby Teethers-  
      Tommee Tippee Baby Teethers  come in a variety of different styles for every stage of 
      teething.  While some are meant for beginning teethers, others are specifically designed for the later
     stages of the teething process.  I have not tried these products, but they were heavily
     recommended to me, and they look like they would be very helpful.

~  Gripe Water
     Gripe water is a home remedy known to help with teething pain.  There are several different kinds 
     out there, and all have slightly different ingredients.  One that was specifically recommended  to me in an
     email from a reader was Little Tummy's Gripe Water

~ A frozen bagel-  
    YES!  This has helped Jewel a lot!  Just be sure to watch baby closely.  As they gnaw on  the bagel  
    and it softens, it can break apart.  

~  Cold celery sticks
     I had no idea that celery was a natural pain killer until a reader mentioned it.  I then  
     researched it a bit, and found out that it is in fact a natural remedy, and has been used as a pain killer 
     since 30 AD.  You can real all about the benefits of celery here.

~  Infant Tylenol- 
    Infant Tylenol is great for reducing pain in teething tots.  We use it often.  However, I try
     to limit the use of medicine and usually reserve it's use for night time so that we can all get a good nights 

~  Lots of cuddles and love-
     If your babe is having trouble teething, spend as much time as possible cuddled up together.  If you 
     nurse, nurse more during this time.  Hey, we can always use an excuse to stay in bed with our babes, 
     right? ;)

Thanks so much to my readers for sharing their baby teething tips with me! These tips have been so helpful to Jewel.  I am certain they will be a helpful resource to other parents facing the problem of painful teething too!

I would love to add to this list of  baby teething tips and remedies!  If you have a baby teething tip to share that is not listed above, please add it in the comments!  Also, if you have a post regarding this topic, please post the link in a comment!

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