Homemade Paint Brushes

Today I am excited to announce that Vicky from Mess for Less will be joining the Paint & PLAY series we do alongside Tammy of Housing a Forest. If you are unfamiliar, Paint and PLAY is a weekly art series where we encourage each other to get creative by painting through different mediums with our kids. It is all about the process, having fun, and getting the kids creating. This week we challenged each other to create some form of homemade paint brushes.

Homemade Paint Brushes

Make your own paint brushes using loose parts from around the home.  The brushes you could create are endless and the works of art SO FUN!
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I had lots of fun with this challenge and was really pleased with how our homemade brushes turned out.  With a little help from mommy, Rosie and Jewel hunted around the house for loose items that they thought would make a good paint brush.  Together, we came up with 5 materials to use, and then mommy transformed them into brushes while they slept and surprised them the next day.  You can use whatever you have on hand to make your own set of textured brushes.  

Here is what we used:

Brush handles  -  You could use a stick or ka-bob skewer to make the handles of your brushes, but we happened to have these old sponge brushes on hand, and the handles were perfect.  We got a set of 10 of these at Dollar Tree some time ago. We just ripped the sponge off to reveal a perfect base for making our own paint brushes

 Once you have decided on how you will make your handles it is time to make the brushes!  We had so much fun hunting.  Here is what we ended up using:

Yarn - To make our blue frilly brush we used a bit of scrap yarn from my craft closet.  As soon as Rosie saw the yarn she knew it would make a great brush, and she was right

homemade paint brushes

This was a frilly type of yarn, but any yarn you might have on hand would make a cool brush

An old sponge -  To make the green tentacle brush we used an old sponge.  It was a sponge made for washing cars that I had purchased from Dollar Tree some time ago for them to paint with.  Cutting it up and making an actual brush out of it gave the material new life

Pipe cleaners -  Rosie specifically requested a rainbow brush.  As we were hunting for materials I saw the pipe cleaners and knew they would be perfect

An old scarf - Jewel picked the scarf up from the floor of the closet as we were hunting.  Perfect find baby girl!  The scarf was made out of a soft and stringy type of fabric perfect for making a paint brush

A scrap piece of felt - Rosie and Jewel found lots of scrap felt pieces in my craft closet.  From them they decided the pink zebra print felt was destined to become a brush

The girls were so excited once our supplies was gathered.  After they went to sleep I sat and watched TV while I constructed the brushes.  I mostly just wrapped and knotted the materials around the brushes until I liked the way they looked.  When needed, I used a hot glue gun to hold the fabric in place.  This was hardly needed though.

I just love the way these brushes turned out!  They were so easy to make, and yet, I felt so proud.  So did Rosie and Jewel the next day.  They had a blast painting and exploring the varying textures of the brushes

And every brush created it's very own mark style giving us a super set of homemade texture brushes

I just love how Vicky and Tammy created their paint brushes!  Check out how Tammy painted with monster hands and Vicky craftily made rubber band brushes by clicking the photos below

Go hunting with the kids around your own home.  What homemade paint brushes could you create?  There is no limit to the possibilities!  

Happy Playing!

Make your own paint brushes

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