Summer Sensory Play

Summer might not be here quite yet, but the hot weather is upon us here in the eastern United States, and we could not be more thrilled!  We have been having so much fun outside playing, and I have tons of Summer play ideas I just can't wait to share!  Today I am introducing a new Summer Play series here on Growing a Jeweled Rose, and we are kicking the series off with a SUPER fun Summer Activity for kids!

Summer Sensory Play
Summer Play
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An ongoing Series from Growing a Jeweled Rose

We love Summer, and we LOVE sensory play, so having a Summer Sensory Play series is just perfect for Growing a Jeweled Rose.  This series will include tons of fun sensory play activities perfect for Summer! We are beginning the series with a super silly & fun activity- erupting watermelon heads!  

Ever since we made erupting pumpkins this past Fall, I have been eagerly waiting for watermelons to hit stores so we could revisit this fun playtime again!  We finally got our chance yesterday, and it was so much FUN!

What you need to make Erupting Watermelon Heads:
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  • A watermelon (or several for a larger group)
  • Carving kits or cutting utensils
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring or powdered tempera (if color is desired)

What I LOVE about this activity is that it is actually many activities rolled into one.  First, you get to cut open your watermelon, and enjoy some yummy fruit.

Carefully cut the watermelon top off just like you would a pumpkin

Summer Play

Summer Play

Once you have the top off, use an ice cream scoop or spoon to scoop all the yummy fruit into a bowl

Summer Play

While daddy scooped out the watermelon me and the girls enjoyed eating it- watermelon is so yummy!

Once all the fruit is out it is time to carve the watermelon.  This is such a fun activity!  Older kids can design their own, and have lots of fun carving.  Daddy handled the carving for us since Rosie and Jewel are still so small.

Summer play

We wanted a silly or goofy face- something that said Summer

You may need to cut the bottom of your watermelon to get it to stand upright

Summer Play

Then it is time for the erupting sensory science play to start!

I gave Rosie baking soda, powdered tempera (for color), and vinegar.  You can also use food coloring, or skip adding color.  It isn't needed, but does make things more FUN!  

She had a blast making our watermelon erupt over and over again!

Summer Play

Summer Play

Lots of giggles and laughter!

Summer Play

And playing in the baking soda and vinegar is always a must - fun sensory play!  

Summer Play

Summer Play

Such silly Summer FUN!

Summer Play

The next time you buy a watermelon why not get some extra use out of it?  How fun would this be for a Summer party or cook out?   Everyone bring along a watermelon and have a carving contest.  Who can get the biggest eruption?  I see lots of potential for even more play here!

Stay tuned all Summer long for lots more 
Summer Sensory Play as our new series continues!

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Erupting Watermelon Heads
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Erupting Watermelon Heads

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