Ice Play - Spice Painting

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We are continually adding new PLAY activities to our Summer Play Archives, and this week the activities have all been centered around ICE PLAY.  Ice is fabulous for playing and exploring in the Summer months.  It is virtually FREE, and there are endless ways to use it in activities.   Today, Rosie and Jewel got arty with spICE painting.

Frozen Spice Paints
ice play

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Spice Paint Materials

  • Washable paint 
  • Spices from your pantry
  • An ice tray

Making spice paint couldn't be easier.  We always raid our pantry for this activity.  Other than an array of spices and extracts all you need is paint.  You could make a homemade base paint, but we usually just use washable tempera.

To make spICE paint I mixed washable tempera with varying pantry items in an ice cube tray.  Then I covered the ice cube tray with plastic wrap and inserted craft sticks before popping the ice tray in the freezer.  The plastic wrap just helped to keep the craft sticks standing upward.  After a few hours our spice paint was ready for play.  They easily popped out of the ice cube tray after dipping the tray bottom in running warm water

ice play

Not only did the paints smell AMAZING, but each one had a fun texture, too!  Rosie loved painting with the textured spICE paints 

ice play

and exploring all the aromas

ice play

Some aromas she loved.............

 and others she wasn't wild about

ice play

As she explored her sense of smell we used new vocabulary words to describe what she was smelling.  She painted and played for quite a while, eventually using her hands to create art with the COLD paint

This was a fun activity full of sensory exploration, and all it took was a peruse through our pantry.

Note- I would avoid hot spices with younger children.  I set this play time up just for Rosie because whenever we do ice activities Jewel likes to mouth the ice.  A similar activity suitable for babies is Kool-aid ice painting.

What we used:
  • Blue Ice- Vanilla Extract                                       
  • Blue Ice- Thyme
  • Red Ice- Old Bay
  • Red Ice- Nutmeg
  • Yellow Ice- Curry powder
  • Yellow Ice- garlic powder
  • Green Ice- Mint
  • Green Ice- Oregano
  • Purple Ice- Loose Herbal Tea
  • Purple Ice-  Cinnamon

spICE Paint - a simple way to add some chill to a hot Summer day!

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