Rainy Day Activities- Puddle Play

It rained here the other day, and it was finally warm enough to go puddle jumping!  We LOVE puddle jumping the old fashioned way, but it is also always fun to bring new elements into play.

Rainy Day Puddle Activities

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with MAGIC Bubbling Puddles

We have shared a few fun puddle plays in the past, but none nearly as fun as these magic fairy puddles!    Rosie had such a blast and got to explore through sensory play, science, art, imaginative play, and more!  We set out with a few things from inside to have our puddle fun.

What we used:
  • Powdered tempera paint (you can also use crushed chalk)
  • Fairies, flowers, glitter, leaves- anything fairy-like that you have on hand will work great!
  • Magic fairy dust & potion (details below)
What we did:

Rosie got dressed in one of her favorite fairy ensembles, and we headed out to find some puddles.  We found a few really quickly, right behind our house.  Rosie and I created our fairy puddles together.  We sprinkled in purple and pink powdered tempera paint and created a magical fairy puddle world with the flowers, fairies, and glitter.  

These are just a few close up shots to show the detail- I didn't manage any other shots of the puddles themselves, because Rosie just couldn't wait to FAIRY PUDDLE JUMP!

Rosie had tons of fun running through the colorful fairy puddles, stomping, splashing, and giggling

But the real fun came when I gave her magic fairy dust and potion to transform her playful puddles into MAGIC PUDDLES!

To make the magic fairy dust I added a bit of pink powdered paint to baking soda in a clear container.  I only used a touch of powdered paint, and it colored the baking soda vibrantly.  

To make the potion I filled a pourspout container with vinegar.  This is a FUN way to turn puddles into a science lesson, but given Rosie's age I left it all to MAGIC!  Rosie loved playing a magical fairy and transforming her puddles.  

Adding the magic potion

Rosie didn't know what was going to happen to the puddles after sprinkling the fairy dust

She was in awe when colorful MAGIC bubbling eruptions formed

We made one colorful ERUPTING puddle after another

The magic puddles were so beautiful & truly magical!

 Rosie was in awe!

Not only did she love making the magic puddles, but she loved stomping in them too!

She had so much fun and lots of pretend play ensued as well! 

This would make a great photo op for a girl, too!  We weren't doing if for that, but if you wanted to you could easily find puddles near a pretty scenic background.  Bring an added light source or use a higher quality camera (we use a point and shoot) and you are all set for a magical photo session!

Don't go Puddle Jumping
Go FAIRY Puddle Jumping!


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