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I often have readers ask me for my favorite places to find activities for Jewel and Rosie.  While there are several sites that I love, I think the number one place for finding activities is Pinterest!  Oh my, do I LOVE Pinterst!  When I am not busy with the girls, the hubby, or Growing A Jeweled Rose,  I can usually be found on Pinterest.  Are you on there yet? It is amazing!  For those of you who asked me this question I thought I would share what I feel are the best Pinterest boards for finding activities for kids!

Top 10 Pinterest boards of a play obsessed mom!
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Play - Learn - Grow

The first board I would like to share with you would be my very own.  Surely a play obsessed mama like myself would have a fabulous play board or two.   The Growing A Jeweled Rose board allows you to find all the fun and educational activities we share in one spot!  We share activities several times a week and the board makes it easy for you to connect to the fun!  If you are unfamiliar check it out!  You won't be disappointed!

This board is all about fostering creativity in children.  Created by Zina of Lasso the Moon it has many creative contributors who pin the most creative activities for children from all over the web!

Best Kids Pins
This board is where I pin the best kids pins from all over the web.   Exclusively reserved for ULTIMATE in kid fun it is quickly becoming my very favorite board.  You will find activities, play recipes, boredom busters, games for kids and so much more!

It's Preschool is a collaborative board created by Debbie of Rainbows within Reach.  This board is a great resource for toddlers and preschoolers and is packed with activities that foster early learning.  If you have children age 2-5, this is the board for you!

The Art Filled Child is a collaborative board I created with the hope of fostering a love of art and creation in children.  With over 20 collaborators from all over the globe this board is filled with fabulous projects and activities for kids!  Several new pins are added daily, giving you a constant resource for play and creation.

The P.L.A.Y Group
The PLAY Group board is a collaboration of kid bloggers who have joined together to provide the ULTIMATE resource of kids activities to play and learn! 

If you follow Growing A Jeweled Rose you know that we are all about creating fun art and play recipes for kids. Our play recipes board is packed with FUN! Here you will find a plethora of homemade play recipes used in art and play!  Why buy it when you can make it, right? Play recipes, art recipes, sensory recipes. recipes for fun.  Need a recipe? It's here!    If you enjoy art & sensory activities also be sure to check out our recipes collection and sensory activities.

Lifetime Love of Learning is another collaborative board created by Zina of  Lasso the Moon.  The board focuses on fostering a lifetime  love of learning by making it fun!  I find this board to be loaded with educational inspiration and it is a go to resource when adding learning elements into our play.

The Science of Things
This board is where you will find fun and educational Science Activities for kids.  Science really is such a fun subject and this board is a perfect illustration of just how fun Science can be!  The Science of Things is packed with activities!

So there you have it
The top 10 Pinterest boards of a play obsessed mom!  

But don't stop there!  We are play obsessed, meaning we have lots more fantastic boards on Pinterest!  We have a fabulous kids sensory board, an early literacy board,  a teaching tools board ..........

You know what?  Just pop over and check them all out! Each one has it's own awe and wonder to offer and will certainly add fun into your day!

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