10 Songs to Help Teach Kids to Share

We have been working on teaching Rosie to share.  Like most toddlers, she is struggling with the concept and her and Jewel are in constant battle as a result.  One thing that has been helping us make progress is music.  Rosie loves music and listening to a favorite character sing a song that promotes sharing is a great way to help little ones grasp the concept.  Here are 10 songs that have really been helping Rosie learn to share!

10 Songs to Help Teach Kids to Share

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Sesame Street- Share

Barney- Share Your Stuff

Care Bears- The Sharing Song

The Sing Sings- Let's Share
( This one is my favorite! )

Renee and Jeremy- Animated Share Video

Jack Johnson- It's Always More Fun to Share

Share with Your Friends

The Sharing Song

Laurence Conway- Sharing Improves Our Day

This last video isn't a song but Rosie loves it so I wanted to include it.  It is a really cute animated video that  has really helped Rosie understand the give and take of sharing. 

Sharing- Notebook Babies


These songs have really been helping Rosie and Jewel learn to share.  When they get in a spat over a toy, I play one of these and then we talk about sharing afterward.  Then Rosie and Jewel play nicely for a bit.  While it isn't long before the next toy battle ensues, they are both learning and the battles are happening less and less. 

Rosie and Jewel also love dancing to these songs together.  Playing them after a squabble always takes them back to being best friends, dancing and laughing together.  

I hope you find these sharing songs help your little ones too!

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