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I am so excited to have Adrienne of  The Iowa Farmer's Wife guest posting today.  Her site is one of my favorites!  Adrienne has two little ones close in age to Rosie and Jewel that she lovingly refers to as Sweet Pea and Sprout.  How cute is that?  Drop by to see just how cute and creative the rest of her site is, but for now, A warm welcome to Adrienne! 

Hi! I'm Adrienne, aka The Iowa Farmer's Wife, and I am DELIGHTED to be guest posting for Growing a Jeweled Rose! I love all the fabulous things Crystal does with her girls and she's inspired me to be a messier mama!

I'm a mama to two silly munchkins who live in the Midwest and strive to make life as simple as possible through playing, eating healthy and frugal living! I chronicle our indoor and outdoor adventures on my blog, The Iowa Farmer's Wife. Come visit!

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As I was thinking about a pair of soccer cleats (yep, those are the things that go through my brain) the other day, inspiration hit. Why not paint with our shoes! I'm not too familiar with the bottoms of boys shoes (mainly because Sprout's feet don't really fit in shoes), but I do know that girls shoes often have AWESOME designs on the bottom. I jumped up and ran to Sweet P's closet where I found more than enough shoes to use for our Painting with Shoes project!

I used washable tempera paint and a piece of cardboard for our painting pallet. I rolled out some craft paper, held it down with rocks and we got to work! Sweet P started off by painting the bottom of her shoe with a paint brush, but that wasn't really working so we went for a full footprint in the paint instead! That worked perfectly! 

She walked for awhile and then started jumping! All the designs were awesome, but our favorite was the one with the hearts (it's the yellow sandal on the left). 

After awhile she got tired of the shoes and started using the paint brushes, too! 

And as always, clean up was just as fun as the activity! She probably sat in the little tub twice as long as we painted and clean up was super simple. Sweet P stuck the jelly type shoes in the tub with her and painted on them with water, while I hosed down the rest. We left them out to dry for a few hours and they were as good as new!

It was a long piece of paper and I wanted to keep it, but I wasn't sure where to hang it. While I was looking at it, I decided it'd be perfect wrapping paper so I rolled it up and stored it in our gift closet! A great way to make personalized wrapping!


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