Tinkerlab's Creative Challenge- Flowers

Are you familiar with Tinkerlab's creative challenges?  They are lots of fun, and anyone is welcome to join in.  The material Rachelle challenged us to create with this time was flowers.  The challenge is very open ended.  The only rule is that the project must me child led.   You could opt to use real or pretend flowers, or create flowers from other materials.  I asked Rosie what she preferred, and she said she wanted to use real flowers for her project.

So off we went, on an early morning nature walk, collecting flowers along the way.
No better way to go our flower picking then wearing a flower dress :)

Rosie had a lot of fun finding and gathering the flowers.

Once we got home, I asked Rosie what she wanted to make with her flowers.  I told her we could make anything.  She thought for a minute, and said she wanted to make a house.  Then I reflected for a bit, trying to think of a way we could make a house out of flowers.

An idea soon emerged.  We had purchased a wooden bird house a while back with the intention of painting it, and never got around to it.  What a perfect base for our flower house!

All we needed for this project other than the house was glue, a paint brush, and all the flowers we had gathered!

Rosie loved painting the house with the glue.   She especially loved exploring the texture of the glue.  
Exploring the texture of glue
She also loved sticking the flowers onto the house
She was very particular about where each flower piece and petal was placed. Just look at that concentration! 

Given how much Rosie loves painting and glue, this was a perfect project for her. 

Isn't her flower house beautiful?
Rosie is so proud of her little house too, especially since she came up with and created it all on her own! 

There are a lot of possibilities for this house too!  Rosie loved the idea of using it as part of a fairy garden.  You could also use it as part of a variety of other pretend play scenes, or simply hang or display it as a decorative keepsake.  The more I look at this little flower house, the more ideas emerge.  

Once the glue dried a little, I sprayed the house with Make It Last Spray Sealer to preserve and protect the flowers.  This worked amazingly well!

Do you think your child would like to get creative with flowers?  There is still plenty of time to join in the fun!  Head on over to Tinkerlab for all the details! 

 Also be sure and peruse all the other fantastically creative ideas linked up below! 

We still had a lot of flowers left over from this project, and we were sure to put them to good use.  Check back with us later this week to see what other fun way we came up with to use them!

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