Multi-sensory GOOP!

This simple play recipe captivated the senses, was easy to set up, and was even safe for tiny baby Jewel.

Multi-Sensory GOOP!
Multi-sensory GOOP- a simple play recipe that captivates every sense.  So many fun textures, colors, and scented to explore!

To create this multi-sensory play time I first made a batch of standard GOOP.  GOOP is very easy to make,  In fact, all you need is corn starch and water (full recipe here).  I also added purple and pink food coloring, glitter, a hint of rose essential oil, and flowers collected from a nature walk.  GOOP is an amazing sensory experience on it's own and adding all of these other elements only made it that much more amazing!

Goop Sensory Play

This was such a beautiful and vibrant playtime too!

Jewel loved the goopy texture


 The flowers in the Multi-sensory GOOP slowly fell from our hands as the goop turned from a solid to a liquid.  

It was really neat!

We had so much fun exploring all the varying textures!

What a beautiful playtime!

There are so many ways to explore with GOOP.  We have made it glow, played with it at bath, added ice, and explored color mixing just to name a few.  

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