A Frolic in the Flowers

It was a beautiful day here the other day.  I had so many things planned for a fun day out with the girls. We piled in the car, and on our way to our first destination, we came across an amazing field of flowers.  It was huge, and so beautiful, I couldn't resist stopping for a quick moment.  Our quick stop turned into hours, and we ended up spending the entire morning there, frolicking in the flowers.  It was a truly perfect morning, and one I will cherish evermore.  I loved the images captured so much, I wanted to share them.

Best friends

making wishes

So full of wonder and awe

"Here mommy, make a wish!"

Playing If Your Happy and You Know it!

Bye bye

I hope you enjoyed these photos! 

 Sometimes we get so focused on our agenda, we overlook the beauty and wonder along the path to get to where we are going.  I had so many fun things planned for the day, I almost didn't stop to explore this field.  I almost kept going, and if I had, our day would not have been nearly as magical.   This day was a perfect reminder to me to stay present in the moment, and open to the adventures that reveal themselves along the way.  

Let us never be too busy to stop and frolic in the flowers! 
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