Family Hand Print Craft

Today, Growing A Jeweled Rose is sharing a fun family craft.  We made a sun using all of our hand prints.

Family is the Light of Life

To make our family hand print sun I traced all of our hands on construction paper.  I then cut them all out, and Rosie painted and decorated them.  She also decorated the round base of our sun.  She really enjoyed this process, especially sprinkling the glitter.

She also helped glue all the hand sun beams on once everything was dry. 

While making our sun, we talked about the sun in relation to the weather.  We talked about how the sun is out during the day and makes it very bright, and how at night, the moon is out and is very dim.  We also discussed how the Summer sun keeps us warm. 

I adore hand print crafts, especially ones involving the whole families prints.  What a great keepsake and a fun activity to begin introducing the concept of weather to Rosie.  Don't our hand prints make great sun beams?

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